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Recommended temperature range for common packing films
Packing Material Temperature
Paper/PE, Aluminum Foil/PE, Nylon/PE Around 180℃
Cellophane/PE Around 170℃
Polyester Fiber/PE, BOPP/PE Around 160℃
Polypropylene/PE Around 150℃
If the packing material is not among the above table, please test it to get the suitable sealing temperature.
Malfunction and Solutions
Malfunction Cause Solution
film breaks 1. the film itself has a flaw
2. breakdown or poor connection of the film-supply engine
3. proximity switch damaged
1.get rid of the flaw part
2.repair the connection of the engine
3.change the switch
sealed place is not tight 1.the inside of the film is not even
2.the sealing pressure is not even
3.too low sealing temperature
1.get rid of the bad film
2.adjust the sealing pressure
3.increase the sealing temperature
sealing track is not straight the wrong position of the thermal sealer readjust the position of the thermal sealer
the bag is not cut completely 1.the cutter in improper position
2.the cutter edge becomes dull
1.readjust the position
2.sharpen or change the cutter
the temperature of the thermal sealer does not increase 1.the heating pipe is wrong
2.circuit malfunction
3.the fuse is broken
4.the solid relay is broken
1.change the heating pipe
2.check the circuit
3.change the fuse
4.change the solid rely
Sealer termperature uncontrollable 1.thermocouple in a short circuit
2.something wrong with the temperature controller
1.change the thermocouple
2.change the temperature controller
the film-supply engine does not move or stop 1.the film-supply control stick is stuck
2.film-supply proximity switch does not work
3.capacitor broken
4.fuse broken or Power Panel does not work
1.adjust the stick
2.change the proximity switch
3.change the capacitor
4.change the fuse and check the Power Panel
color code positioning does not work 1.wrong parameter for the bag length (usually the actual bag length is shorter)
2.the wheels are worn and less friction
1.increase the parameter for the bag length, to make it a little longer than the expected bag length
2.change the wheels
bags are not pulled (the bag-pulling motor does not work) 1.circuit problem
2.the bag-pulling proximity switch does not work or the signal wheel too faraway
3.step motor problem
4.control board problem
1.check the circuit
2.change the switch or adjust the distance of the wheel
3.change the step motor
4.change the control board
bags are stuck above the cutter 1.too early bag-pulling time
2.wrong position of the upper bag-blocking board
1. readjust the bag pulling time
2. adjust the upper bag-blocking board
filling motor doesn’t work 1.position of the proximity switch is not right; control board broken
2.filling motor broken
1.adjust the position of proximity switch; change the control board
2.change the motor


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